Developer Profile

About Andrew Barr


  • Objective-C based intermediate level programmer
  • Masters in Nursing and Health Care Practice – licensed RN with eight years practice experience
  • Wide range of skill sets both technical and soft skills
  • Committed to making easy-to-use innovative quality software
  • Published apps – complete life cycle experience from inception to release with follow-up maintenance
  • Remote team experience


Over the past five years Andrew has independently pursued his interests in computer programming and mathematics. Combining an entrepreneurial spirit along with his current and past experiences is the catalyst behind Single Sail Software.


  • Objective-C object oriented programmer – 4 years part time experience now full time.
  • Interface Builder or Programatic interfaces – able to build user interface from either interface builder or solely programmatically
  • Custom Views – able to create dynamic custom views with custom draw method
  • Custom Classes – when it makes sense, able to create custom classes including persistence if necessary. (Let’s be honest here though, you can do an awful lot with dictionaries and mutable dictionaries – no need to reinvent the wheel.)
  • Core Data – experience with design and implementation.
  • Universal Storyboards and Adaptive Layout / Class Sizes – Moderate level of experience.
  • Universal Apps – Design apps to run on both iPhones and iPads from the ground up.
  • iTunes Connect – No its not rocket science but its not he easiest thing in the world either.
  • in-App Purchase – in-app purchase integration
  • Social Media Integration – Experience with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter postings from inside app.
  • Comments & Documentation – Good comments and documentation made during code creation.
  • Cocoa Pods – Experience with installation and configuration troubleshooting
  • Mixpanel analytics Integration – configuration, designing and posting events to Mixpanel analytics
  • Custom Server API’s  – Experience with making calls to and retrieving JSON formatted results.
  • Graphic Design – moderate level of graphic design skills (think practical and clean – not museum quality or high end corporate)
  • Audio Production – low level audio design and production (think practical and clean – simpler stuff)
  • WordPress – low level experience – all my websites are done myself using WordPress.


  • xCode
  • Bit Bucket
  • Git Hub
  • Stack Overflow
  • Trello
  • iDraw
  • EazyDraw
  • Garage Band

“Just Starting”

  • Swift
  • Interfacing iOS with Texas Instruments micro controllers with eye towards wearable patches
  • Moving agile approach closer towards scrum


Former experience as an associate network engineer as well as in help desk support.  Andrew has held certificates in A+ Computer Technician, Networking+ and Microsoft Certified Network Engineer all from the older Windows NT 4.0 generation. In addition, Andrew also has had business experience as a retail copy store assistant manager, floor production supervisor, trainer and corporate sales representative. Volunteer firefighting and EMS experience.

“Before Civilization”

Commodore Vic 20