Single Sail Software, LLC is a single developer software company specializing in apps for the iPhone® , iPod touch® and iPad® mobile computing devices from Apple® computer.

Single Sail Software was founded in 2010 by Andrew Barr. The company is located in Iowa City, Iowa.

About Andrew Barr

  • Objective-C based intermediate level programmer
  • Masters in Nursing and Health Care Practice – licensed RN with 10+ years practice experience
  • Wide range of skill sets both technical and soft skills
  • Committed to making easy-to-use innovative quality software
  • Published apps – complete life cycle experience from inception to release with follow-up maintenance
  • Remote team experience

About the Company Name

Single Sail Software –  In the history of sailboats, the cat boat served as a simple to sail reliable work boat. Cat boats are powered by one large sail and have a wide berth for stability in rough waters. Those same ideas inspire the design of my software: elegantly simple with practical operation and stability.

See my apps here on the App Store.

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